Extreme Rock

Great British Rock Climbs

Ken Wilson and Bernard Newman

Planned as the next step in difficulty above Hard Rock (E3 - E5) it was overtaken by the explosion of hard climbing in the early '80s. To reflect this the new, harder climbs were added, the book grew in size and price, and was published in 1986. The response was enthusiastic but not from the masses and the book sold slowly until the last copies went in the mid 1990s. It was then discovered that the film had been lost or destroyed and a supply of unbound sheets had also been destroyed. With only approximately only 4,000 copies in circulation, Extreme Rock is now changing hands for prices around £100.
  • Publisher: Diadem
  • Publish date: Reprinting shortly (Out of Print)
  • ISBN: 0-906371-36-8
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