The Evidence of Things Not Seen

A Mountaineer's Tale

Banff Grand Prize winner 2002. James Monroe Thorington Award winner 2002. Boardman / Tasker Shortlisted 2002

W. H. Murray

Forward by Hamish MacInnes

The autobiography of one of Britain's most perceptive mountain writers. Murray describes his rock and ice climbing in Scotland in the 1930s - an inspiring period of discovery that was ruthlessly cut short by war.

Commissioned into the Highland Light Infantry he was soon in action in the Western Desert in a last ditch defence to slow the advance of Rommel's tanks. After capture, there followed a long period of incarceration during which he wrote Mountaineering in Scotland.

In the post-war years, after a brief investigation of monastic life, he returned to climbing in time to enjoy the wonderfully harsh winter of 1946 / 47. These adventures are described in his acclaimed Undiscovered Scotland. A further setback took place in his 1949 alpine season with a crunching accident in the Dauphiné in company with Michael Ward and the first BMC Secretary, John Barford, who died in the incident. The years 1950-53 saw him involved in Himalayan travel with trips to the Garhwal, the Everest region and a traverse of the Api Range.

Thereafter writing, home mountaineering, and marriage predominated during which he played a crucial role in the Scottish environmental struggle against the predations of the Forestry and Hydro Electric industries.

Murray's observations of a steadily changing world and mountain scene are both enlightening and thought-provoking and his book will be studied for years to come for its metaphysical / philosophical comment. For climbers his Himalayan travels (superbly illustrated in this book) will inspire as they are in the great traditions established by the earlier explorers - Longstaff, Kellas and Meade.

The wildly praised autobiography from one of Britain's finest mountaineering writers.

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